Learning through playing, creating and exploring.

Personal pieces – I like to try different mediums to expand my visual skills, but I mostly do it because it's fun.

Low Poly Models

I've always been fascinated by 3D work and have spent a couple of months learning Blender during the lockdown. While I have tried to create photorealistic models as well, with some success, I much prefer creating low poly art. It helps you get to grips with the power of suggestion, as you often take away a lot of details allowing the viewers imagination to fill in the blanks. I'm still mastering lighting, though; it's a lot trickier than it sounds. 


One thing that I try to do is create unique artwork that captures various worlds or environments that I see in my mind. I draw inspiration from the films, books, and games I'm currently looking at; this is one way I expand on the low-poly work I've done by pushing myself to create something that really challenges me.


I'm a big fan of simplicity and minimalism. I created a short series of posters around numbers using these premises to explore what O could do using as few elements as possible or elements with slight variation. It was also a great exercise in using colour.

Pokedex Entries

Being the big geek I am, I wanted to recreate something I used to spend hours looking at as a kid. The official Pokedex website is very dull to look at, so I tried to make it more fun to flick through and find your favourite Mon. I purposefully neglected some information in favour of just giving general information, and I think if I revisited this now, I might change my mind on that. But then again, several websites give out vital stats well, and I wanted to focus on the basics. 

Dean Harrison

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