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Communicator  –  Branding, Art Direction


Project Overview

Communicator was struggling to find its identity as a brand. Initially, they prioritised personality over purpose causing confusion between their customers and their offering. They wanted to realign themselves so as to better position themselves to talk with marketing teams who worked in very tech-driven industries. To create a brand that emphasised their namesake, communication, connection and collaboration. 

I worked closely with the company directors and an external agency to create a new brand that upheld the values they wished to encompass. By relying on an outside perspective, we took out an element of bias on the designs produced and helped us refine the language and messaging used to better speak to the audience we were targeting. 

We applied the new brand treatment to everything. We revitalised the company website to create a hub for all articles, guides and reporters produced by Communicator to inform new, existing and potential customers of current trends and best practices, showcased in a series of reports and guides that also received a much-needed uplift. 


Dean Harrison

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